The SmarEy sensor revolutionizes the control of automatic doors and door systems. Its development has enabled general problems to be handled, which could not be overcome using conventional techniques (e.g. passing traffic, climatic effects, standing objects, etc.).
SmarEy is based on a high-performance processor with two digital video cameras and detects the size, direction and speed of moving objects. Well thought-out algorithms provide high functional stability, even under difficult environmental and lighting influences.

Field of application
There are practically no limits:
Intelligent door openers (for instance, in the pavement area with passing pedestrian traffic)
Industrial object direction and speed detection
Person detection for a wide variety of applications
Building protection

Exceptional customer applications
Qualitatively better door opening function; opens only when “really required”
Prevents unnecessarily door openings, thus increasing temperature comfort inside the building
Particular areas can be designated as “neutral” zones
Individual programming for security and movement zones
Replaces all conventional sensors (e.g. photocells)

Technical data
Object detection from 10 x 10 cm insize and 20 cm height
Installation height 3 * 4.5 m
Size of the monitored area 5 x 4 m at an installation height of 4 m
LED status display
High-performance processor system with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) TMS320C6211 from Texas instrument
Large input voltage range 10 55 Volts, typical current required 3 ? 4 Watts,
max. 9 Watts
RS-232C interface (115.2 kbps)
2 electrically isolated relay outputs with return for control purposes
1 light control output
4 LEDs for status display
Reset and recovery switch
Software in flash-memory
PCB size 300 x 70 mm, height approx. 25 mm

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